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Valas Sofa Set

(Crafting Quality and Elegance: Your Trusted Heavy Sofa Maker and Premium Sofa Manufacturer in Ahmedabad.)

We are premium sofa set manufacturer in ahmedabad.With sofa factory in ahmedabad we make heavy luxury living Sofa Set for extra comfort and longer life.

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V-6021 model name Simba sofa set.


Discover top-quality compact sofa designs, including boss cabin sofas, in Ahmedabad. Our space-saving, minimalist, and sleek sofas offer style and functionality
V-6019 model name Neon Sofa sofa set.

Neon Sofa

Discover Model Neon - Your Premier Choice for Modern Sofa Sets in Ahmedabad with Valas Brand Quality and Accurate Finishing
V-6018 model name Crimson Luxurious sofa set.

Crimson Luxurious

Experience the Opulence of Valas Brand: Explore Our Luxurious Grand Sofas, Including the Elegant Crimson Sofa. Indulge in the Comfort of Our Heavy Sofas.
V-6017 model name Mystical Sofa sofa set.

Mystical Sofa

Mystical is a luxurious latest design modern sofa model by Valas
V-6016 model name Chesterfield Sofa sofa set.

Chesterfield Sofa

A premium Luxury chesterfield sofa by valas is here. At valas we take care of every single small things and detailing as a heavy sofa manufacturer.
V-6015 model name Luxurious Sofa Set sofa set.

Luxurious Sofa Set

A Luxury sofa with Soft HR cushioning and premium titanium black legs. Also it comes with heavy large handle arm support for extra comfort.
V-6014 model name Lining Sofa sofa set.

Lining Sofa

Premium latest design sofa from manufacturer.
V-6013 model name Single Seat Sofa Chair sofa set.

Single Seat Sofa Chair

Here is the famous the kapil sharma show sofa design. We make the design in all dimensions with Single seat living sofa manufacturer ahmedabad
V-6012 model name Designer Sofa sofa set.

Designer Sofa

Designer curved sofa manufacturer in ahmedabad
V-6011 model name Urban Design Sofa sofa set.

Urban Design Sofa

Latest Designer sofa collection in ahmedabad by valas. Kindly visit to see live.
V-6010 model name Premium Look Sofa sofa set.

Premium Look Sofa

Premium look office cabin visitor sofa set in ahmedabad
V-6009 model name Wooden base Cabin sofa sofa set.

Wooden base Cabin sofa

Wooden base cabin sofa manufacturer in ahmedabad
V-6008 model name Premium Office Sofa sofa set.

Premium Office Sofa

A sleek designer Premium Office sofa perfect suitable for boss cabins sofa and waiting area sofa.
V-6007 model name Compact office sofa sofa set.

Compact office sofa

Looking for compact office sofa for small size boss cabin or offices. Here are our compact model for all compact size sofa needs including visitor waiting sofas
V-6006 model name Office visitor sofa sofa set.

Office visitor sofa

Sofa with handle available in all sizes as per your office needs. Also all colors available.
V-6005-B model name Visitor Sofa sofa set.

Visitor Sofa

A Corporate SS finished 3 seater sofa with Premium cushion on seat and back gives extra comfort to your visitor.
V-6005 model name Airport Seating Imported sofa set.

Airport Seating Imported

Chrome Visitor corporate 3 seating sofa. Comes with SS finished chrome structure.Tandem seating suitable for hospital sofa, airport sofa and waiting sofa.
V-6004 model name Office visitor sofa sofa set.

Office visitor sofa

Metal powder coated visitor sofa available in all sizes in number of seats.
V-6003 model name Office visitor sofa sofa set.

Office visitor sofa

Office visitor sofa without handle. Also available in all sizes as per your office requirements.
V-6002-B model name Curved Office Sofa sofa set.

Curved Office Sofa

Sofa manufacturer in Ahmedabad designer curved sofa at Valas
V-6002 model name Office visitor sofa sofa set.

Office visitor sofa

Sofa set with handles available in customized sizes as per your need.

About "Valas" Sofa Set

At Valas we expertise in helping our clients reduce costs and improve efficiencies through the heavy durable sofa designed and manufactured by Valas. Also well known for sofa set manufacturers in ahmedabad we give all customised options to our client and take care to provide best after sales services in ahmedabad.

The Premium quality heavy living sofa manufactured at Valas are comfortable and can be placed at waiting area of your office, MD’s room, boss cabin sofa, conference rooms and other refreshment areas within the premises including living room at home.Get in touch with us and share your sofa set requirement and we will make sure to deliver the best quality sofas. With Sofa factory in ahmedabad so can customised sofa designs as per your requirements for living room sofa in ahmedabad also.