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(Experience Luxury and Comfort with Valas Brand Executive Chairs - The Premium Choice from a Renowned Boss Chair Manufacturer.)

Latest high end premium chairs collection and director chair from manufacturers of boss chair in ahmedabad.Pure leather chair in Ahmedabad option also available

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V-2014-HB model name Aristo Conference HB boss office chair.

Aristo Conference HB

Low budget most comfortable best work from home high back chair in ahmedabad
V-2012-B model name Comfy HB boss office chair.

Comfy HB

Comfy High back chair is semi ergonomic high back chair appropriate for work from home and manager level office chair.
V-1078 model name Allure High Back boss office chair.

Allure High Back

Allure is a special purpose designer attractive office chair perfect match for your conference room. Choose allure for look of the chair.
V-1077 model name Legend boss office chair.


Fully ergonomic office revolving chair with 3d handle movements comes with any position locking synchronised mechanism.
V-1075 model name Empire President Chair boss office chair.

Empire President Chair

Empire the exceptional boss chair with ingenious performance Royal President chair. Manufacturer and designed by Valas
V-1068 model name Status Boss Chair boss office chair.

Status Boss Chair

Status is the boss president high back chair manufactured by valas in ahmedabad.Pure leather chair option available on request.
V-1066 model name Grand President boss office chair.

Grand President

A Premium range of Grand Chairs perfect for who is looking president chair,director chair and boss chair from Valas
V-1064 model name Marker boss office chair.


An Ergonomic Office net chair with adjustable handle and Soft PU Pad. Adjustable Lumber in back gives Marker a Comfortable position for long hours.
V-1061 model name Galaxy Director boss office chair.

Galaxy Director

A Premium range President chair best suitable for director and boss. Owners looking for president chair,director chair and boss chair, here is the best choice.
V-1057 model name Yuva boss office chair.


Executive chair for young generation with adjustable handle and extra headrest support cushion.
V-1055 model name Jupiter Boss boss office chair.

Jupiter Boss

A high back premium double layered cushion office chair manufactured by Valas.Extra heavy durability and heavy look is a added advantage of director chair
V-1052 model name Energy Boss boss office chair.

Energy Boss

A high back boss chair with Rhombus pattern stitching design for extra Royal look with revolving facility manufacturer make your cabin looks decent.
V-1046-B model name Value Perfecto boss office chair.

Value Perfecto

A High back boss Chair known for value for money price compare to its specifications and comfortableness. It is a best boss chair to buy for a startup business
V-1046 model name Perfecto boss office chair.


A High back boss chair with Sober and corporate look. Designed specially for woman/ladies with straight back curve.
V-1044 model name Enjoy President boss office chair.

Enjoy President

Enjoy president a fully ergonomic chair with 3d handle adjustment and healthy lumber posture make it more comfortable.
V-1036 model name Wimpy boss office chair.


Medium back Ergonomic boss office mesh chair comes with manual lumber support adjustment and adjustable handles with PU pad.Comfort of Wimpy is added advantage.
V-1035 model name Wimpy boss office chair.


A High back boss mesh net chair. An ergonomic chair gives extra comfort with its adjustments like adjustable handle and lumber support.
V-1029 model name Delta boss office chair.


High back office chair comes with handle adjustable to vertical position.Designed for look only.
V-1027 model name Budget boss office chair.


High back chair with Plastic powder coated handle and tilting mechanism for light weight person and low budget requirements.
V-1026 model name Hypo boss office chair.


High back boss chair designed for look only.Comes with Plastic handle coated with powder.
V-1021 model name Duro boss office chair.


A high back boss office chair with extra comfort and broader seating arrangement. Premium quality rexine in all color available with Class-3 Hydraulic Gas lift
V-1020 model name Anglo boss office chair.


Medium back Fully Ergonomic boss chair comes with Handle and Back lumber support adjustable. Most comfortable chair in Mesh net chair category.
V-1019 model name Anglo boss office chair.


Fully Ergonomic high back boss chair comes with handle height adjustable button and lumber support adjustable nobe. Its most comfortable net chair in boss range
V-1016 model name Premio boss office chair.


A Medium back Premium boss chair with synchronized seat, back and handle movements. It gives extra ordinary comfort for long time seating.
V-1015 model name Premio boss office chair.


A Premium range of chair for elegant office cabins. Available in pure leather chair option.Comes with seat,back and handle synchronized mechanism for comfort.
V-1013 model name Elite boss office chair.


High back boss premium office revolving chair with SS handle and acrylic pad material. Extra heavy look make Elite you office impressive.
V-1010 model name Apex boss office chair.


High back Boss chair with double layered cushion in back. It comes with plastic powder coated handle.
V-1007 model name Frame boss office chair.


High back boss chair with MS frame structure. It comes with PU fixed handle and Metal black base.
V-1004 model name Single Ply boss office chair.

Single Ply

A single ply high back boss chair designed for low budget requirements. Comes with fixed PU handle and SS chrome finished base.
V-1001 model name Comfort boss office chair.


A high back boss chair with fixed PU handle and SS finished chrome base. Name itself tells the story, its the most comfortable boss chair in our display.

About "Valas" Boss Chair

Elevate Your Workspace with Valas Brand Boss Chair: The Epitome of Comfort and Elegance
In the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, where innovation meets craftsmanship, Valas Brand takes pride in being a distinguished manufacturer of the most exquisite boss chairs. Our commitment to crafting ergonomic masterpieces is evident in every detail, from the chair's plush and soft seating to its durable build, revolutionary features, and elegant design. These chairs are more than mere furniture; they are the key to eliminating back pain and stress while enhancing your workspace's aesthetics.

Supreme Comfort:
Valas Brand understands that your comfort is paramount, especially when you're in a position of authority. Our boss chairs are designed to provide unparalleled comfort with their soft seating, ergonomic seat cushion, and thoughtfully engineered back cushioning. The adjustable handle height allows for a personalized experience that supports your well-being.

Uncompromising Quality:
Quality is our unwavering standard. We construct our boss chairs with the utmost care, incorporating a heavy-duty mechanism, sturdy base, and the latest technology in manufacturing. These chairs are built to last, ensuring a long life and top-tier quality.

Elegance Beyond Compare:
Our boss chairs are not just comfortable; they are a statement of elegance. The refined design adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace, making them the perfect choice for executives who value both style and substance.

Revolutionary Features:
Valas boss chairs feature the latest technology with a hydraulic pneumatic system for effortless height adjustment and smooth, mobile wheels. The revolving chair design enhances flexibility and freedom of movement.

Unmatched After-Sales Service:
At Valas, we stand by our products. Our door-step service in Ahmedabad ensures that your needs are met, even after your purchase, making your satisfaction our priority.

Stress Relief and Back Pain Solution:
Our boss chairs have been meticulously designed to provide relief from back pain and alleviate the stress that often plagues busy professionals. With a Valas chair, you can work comfortably and efficiently, free from distractions and discomfort.

Explore Our Showroom:
Visit our showroom to experience the Valas difference in person. See and feel the elegance and comfort of our boss chairs. Discover how they can transform your workspace into a place of productivity and sophistication.

When you choose Valas Brand, you choose more than just a boss chair; you choose the epitome of comfort, quality, and innovative design. Join us on the journey to a more comfortable and productive workspace. Experience the Valas revolution today.