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Boss Office Chairs

Latest high end collection premium chairs and director chair from manufacturers of boss chair in ahmedabad.Pure leather chair in Ahmedabad option also available
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V-1010 Apex boss office chair


High back Boss chair with double layered cushion in back. It comes with plastic powder coated handle.
V-1013 Elite boss office chair


High back boss premium office revolving chair with SS handle and acrylic pad material. Extra heavy look make Elite you office impressive.
V-1015 Premio boss office chair


A Premium range of chair for elegant office cabins. Available in pure leather chair option.Comes with seat,back and handle synchronized mechanism for comfort.
V-1016 Premio boss office chair


A Medium back Premium boss chair with synchronized seat, back and handle movements. It gives extra ordinary comfort for long time seating.
V-1021 Duro boss office chair


A high back boss office chair with extra comfort and broader seating arrangement. Premium quality rexine in all color available with Class-3 Hydraulic Gas lift
V-1026 Hypo boss office chair


High back boss chair designed for look only.Comes with Plastic handle coated with powder.
V-1029 Delta boss office chair


High back office chair comes with handle adjustable to vertical position.Designed for look only.
V-1035 Wimpy boss office chair


A High back boss mesh net chair. An ergonomic chair gives extra comfort with its adjustments like adjustable handle and lumber support.
V-1044 Enjoy President boss office chair

Enjoy President

Enjoy president a fully ergonomic chair with 3d handle adjustment and healthy lumber posture make it more comfortable.
V-1046 Perfecto boss office chair


A High back boss chair with Sober and corporate look. Designed specially for woman/ladies with straight back curve.
V-1046-B Value Perfecto boss office chair

Value Perfecto

A High back boss Chair known for value for money price compare to its specifications and comfortableness. It is a best boss chair to buy for a startup business
V-1052 Energy Boss boss office chair

Energy Boss

A high back boss chair with Rhombus pattern stitching design for extra Royal look with revolving facility manufacturer make your cabin looks decent.
V-1055 Jupiter Boss boss office chair

Jupiter Boss

A high back premium double layered cushion office chair manufactured by Valas.Extra heavy durability and heavy look is a added advantage of director chair
V-1061 Galaxy Director boss office chair

Galaxy Director

A Premium range President chair best suitable for director and boss. Owners looking for president chair,director chair and boss chair, here is the best choice.
V-1066 Grand President boss office chair

Grand President

A Premium range of Grand Chairs perfect for who is looking president chair,director chair and boss chair from Valas
V-1068 Status Boss Chair boss office chair

Status Boss Chair

Status is the boss president high back chair manufactured by valas in ahmedabad.Pure leather chair option available on request.
V-1075 Empire President Chair boss office chair

Empire President Chair

Empire the exceptional boss chair with ingenious performance Royal President chair. Manufacturer and designed by Valas

About "Valas" Boss Chair

Boss chair for office is one such element on which we spend maximum time of a day. No doubt comfort plays an important role in this director president chair, an ideal boss chair is a comfortable sitting experience and is a stress reliever.

A premium Boss Chair(Director Chair) helps to concentrate more on work rather than other health issues like back pain.

We have a series of President chair in Ahmedabad designed keeping in mind the aesthetic appearance and the comfort factor. These premium chairs keep up to your corporate standards. We also cater to customization requirements of all kind of revolving chair in ahmedabad. If you are looking for new director chair, look no further as your search ends here. Now pure leather chair in ahmedabad option available for some models of Valas Brand.