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Get the best executive chairs,high back chair and Ergonomic Chair from manufacturer in ahmedabad.Buy Valas comfortable for Manager chair,fabric chair office
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V-1001 Comfort executive office chair


A high back boss chair with fixed PU handle and SS finished chrome base. Name itself tells the story, its the most comfortable boss chair in our display.
V-1003 Comfort executive office chair


A Medium back chair designed for extra comfort. Our corporate clients prefer to use in Conference room and as visitor chair in their cabin.
V-1004 Single Ply executive office chair

Single Ply

A single ply high back boss chair designed for low budget requirements. Comes with fixed PU handle and SS chrome finished base.
V-1007 Frame executive office chair


High back boss chair with MS frame structure. It comes with PU fixed handle and Metal black base.
V-1019 Anglo executive office chair


Fully Ergonomic high back boss chair comes with handle height adjustable button and lumber support adjustable nobe. Its most comfortable net chair in boss range
V-1020 Anglo executive office chair


Medium back Fully Ergonomic boss chair comes with Handle and Back lumber support adjustable. Most comfortable chair in Mesh net chair category.
V-1026 Hypo executive office chair


High back boss chair designed for look only.Comes with Plastic handle coated with powder.
V-1027 Budget executive office chair


High back chair with Plastic powder coated handle and tilting mechanism for light weight person and low budget requirements.
V-1035 Wimpy executive office chair


A High back boss mesh net chair. An ergonomic chair gives extra comfort with its adjustments like adjustable handle and lumber support.
V-1036 Wimpy executive office chair


Medium back Ergonomic boss office mesh chair comes with manual lumber support adjustment and adjustable handles with PU pad.Comfort of Wimpy is added advantage.
V-1046 Perfecto executive office chair


A High back boss chair with Sober and corporate look. Designed specially for woman/ladies with straight back curve.
V-1046-B Value Perfecto executive office chair

Value Perfecto

A High back boss Chair known for value for money price compare to its specifications and comfortableness. It is a best boss chair to buy for a startup business
V-1057 Yuva executive office chair


Executive chair for young generation with adjustable handle and extra headrest support cushion.
V-1064 Marker executive office chair


An Ergonomic Office net chair with adjustable handle and Soft PU Pad. Adjustable Lumber in back gives Marker a Comfortable position for long hours.
V-1072 Connect MB executive office chair

Connect MB

Connect is the Perfect low cost chair for Cabin visitors comes with Premium look and many customization options makes your office Adaptable for your clients
V-1077 Legend executive office chair


Fully ergonomic office revolving chair with 3 dimentional handle movements comes with any position locking synchronised mechanism.
V-2012-B Comfy HB executive office chair

Comfy HB

Comfy High back chair is semi ergonomic high back chair appropriate for work from home and manager level office chair.
V-2014-HB Aristo Conference HB executive office chair

Aristo Conference HB

Low budget most comfortable best work from home high back chair in ahmedabad

About "Valas" Executive Chair

Executive chair series of Valas Furniture is known for its unique combination of style and comfort. This Ergonomic Chair in Ahmedabad by Valas is a preferred choice by high end corporates which compliments the lavish office decor needing high back chair and also fabric chair office. 

You can visit our showroom and check out the wide range of office chair that we are manufacturer of which are readily available and can also be tailored exclusively for you. We are exclusively manufacturer of executive chair,ergonomic chair and high back chair in the industry of office furniture in ahmedabad.